Cricket itself is considered a strategically challenging sport. However, betting on this sports discipline in the bookmakers isn’t difficult. This will become an easy task when the player understands the basic principles and rules of the game and study the features of placing bets on this sport.

Cricket ballbyball has fewer fans than baseball. All because of the problem of “saturation” of the game. It is calmer and less dynamic. But after the amount of information about this game increased, the number of people willing to bet on it has grown as well.

Rules of the game

This is a competition between 2 teams. Each team has 11 members. The tournament takes place on the circle-like field. Field sizes may vary each time. The main place of the game is “pitch”.

The point is that the competitors play pitcher and catcher in turn. The pitch is attended by the members of the leading team, a bowler, and a batsman.

The team must try to get as many runs for 6 pitches as possible, after which the players change places. The batsmen, located on opposite sides of the pitch, kick the balls.

Players must run to the other side of the playing field after the hit was made. 4 runs will be counted if the ball reaches the border after falling on the grass, and 6 – if the ball doesn’t touch the ground and reaches the border.

The task of the scoring team is to make its opponents get as few runs as possible and remove all players from the field. To do this, they use the following methods:

  • Run out. This is the way when the ball is passed, or when the ball hits the wicket from the player’s hands before the run is completed.
  • Cought. This is the way when the field player catches the ball with the pitch of batsman so that the latter doesn’t fall to the ground.
  • Bowled. The way when a batsman has to protect the wickets from the ball, pitched by the bowler.
  • Stumped. This is the way when the field player hits the ball, intended for a batsman, on the wicket. The batsman, in turn, gives way to the player.
    The way when the bowler hits the ball, aiming right at the batsman’s foot, launching the ball at the level of the wickets.

Let’s analyze the participants

We should note that there are players who are good at throwing the ball, while others consider beating as their strong point.

To begin with, determine which team will be trying to win by the number of runs, and which one will set a goal to take opponents out of the game.

An important nuance that you shouldn’t forget during forecasting is an environmental impact. Pay attention to the weather forecast on day X, the time of day when the competitions will take place, as well as the condition of the playing field.

Of course, in the case of cricket (as well as football), preference is given to the host team, as they are already familiar with the features of the field covering and know how to play at full strength.

The teams have no fixed bowler. The types of wickets are also different each time. Therefore, a special technique is used for each of them. The wickets can be soft, hard, wet, and have different density of the grass.

Flat wicket is more preferable for batsmen, as it will make it easier for them to determine the trajectory along which the ball will be passed.

Bowlers who are used to the high-impact pitch prefer a green wicket.
Bowlers who like backspin choose a dry wicket.


To make your cricket bet bring you money, you should first learn the rules, formats of the game, and the latest sports news headlines. You must be able to analyze the team strengths and understand in what format the players are better. Don’t forget about the additional conditions and coverage of the playing field.