Youth baseball coaches are responsible for keeping their players safe. It’s our most important job. Of course, we can’t prevent the injuries that occur in any physical competition, but we can teach our kids ways to protect themselves, and we can learn how to keep them, as much as possible, out of harm’s way.

One of our biggest concerns in baseball is overuse injuries, particularly to pitchers. We need to be aware of pitch counts and need to teach our pitchers proper mechanics. Given that some kids play on multiple teams, the pitch counts can be tricky. We need to rely on the pitcher or his/her parents to keep us informed of counts amassed on the other teams.

That challenge aside, we can do quite a bit to help keep our pitchers safe. This article from offers great tips for doing exactly that. Here’s a quick introduction of the tips you’ll find:

1. Warm up correctly.

2. Develop strength.

3. Limit pitches.

4. Avoid curveballs.

5. Stretch after throwing.

6. Develop proper mechanics.

Check out the article for the insightful explanations of each tip. Orthopedic surgeons are complaining about having to operate on younger and younger kids who hurt their arms while pitching. As coaches, it’s our job to make sure our players don’t suffer that fate.