Sometimes it’s an uneasy alliance. Sometimes it’s a bond that develops even after the season ends. Most times, however, you’re hardly aware of it, even though it can have a significant impact on the young player. I’m talking about the relationship between parent and coach.

It’s sort of a strange situation – a temporary yet intensely shared experience and shared goals with someone you don’t really know, a situation that involve kids. As a parent, you put your trust in a coach to develop and treat fairly your son or daughter. As a coach, you depend on the parent to support the team and keep their kids on the right path.

Here’s a short article by a dad who knows both sides of the relationship – through his daughter who plays two sports, one of which dad coaches. It’s worth a quick read. He offers some interesting insights, and it might inspire you to spend a little time thinking about this unique relationship.

Like most interpersonal relationships, the key to success is a foundation of trust and mutual respect, each party knowing what’s expected and demonstrating commitment to open communication. With that foundation in place, you’ll enjoy the experience, and the player will feel more relaxed and balanced. The sports season will be that much more fulfilling for everyone.