Baseball, softball and spring soccer are all underway now, as kids fill the fields throughout the country. Parents, meanwhile, fill the sidelines and the bleachers. How we act is as important as how the kids play.

We all probably know the basic rules of being a good sports parent, but I like the way Janis Meredith rounds up the most important qualities in this blog post from We Play Moms. Janis always seems to strike the smart note on all things related to youth sports parenting. Check out her post.

One point that strikes me as particularly savvy is her advice about supporting the whole team. It’s easy for us as parents to lock onto our own child. Our laser focus on how well he or she is playing – and how often, compared to other kids on the team – can give us tunnel vision, which isn’t healthy for anyone involved. To avoid this syndrome, try to enjoy all the players and the entire team’s success.

She also makes some good points about coaching your own kid, insightfully observing that despite our high hopes that the experience will be gratifying on many levels, it can be complicated emotionally.

Read her thoughts and think of ways you can make yourself into a superstar youth sports parent.